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Driving Sales Lead Productivity to Mobilize the Organizational Efficiency and Goals

The prime focus during the webinar was to address the major issues of sales lead challenges that is being faced by many business heads and the sales professionals in an organization nowadays. The management has to go back to see and outline the organizational goals that they have to achieve.

Sanju Pillai, CEO of movingDneedle defined and discussed the agenda for many organizations to drive the sales lead and organizational goals during the webinar.

So what is it that the company wants to focus on?

  • Create Awareness
  • Establish Credibility
  • Generate Leads

Whatsoever is the objectives, end result on which the company’s performance is measured is the market share and the revenue earned and it goes without saying that the key to achieve all the goals is by driving the firm’s sales lead generation efforts.

This webinar has ended.

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